Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ken Weiner - Scary Dumbass

Thank God for the internet, because if Ken "Avidor Weiner did in person what he does online he'd never be able to leave the house because of all the restraining orders. I'd try to catalogue all of the actionable slanders, But Kenny's judgment-proof, so it'd be a futile exercise.

Weiner is what Dementee once termed a "Scary Dumbass":

A scary dumbass is a guy with chronic short man's disease, who has boundless amounts of time to harass those with whom he sees as a threat. That's what makes him scary. The obvious lies and dissociative perception of reality is what makes him a dumbass.

All Weiner knows how to do is steal off others' websites, indulge his (erroneous) stereotypes and piddle his crap all over the internet (notice how I didn't mention Photoshop) . Why does...

What the hell?

I feel like such a looser loser. Is this how stalkers feel all the time?

Why do they do it then? Maybe it feels better than the Short Man's Disease.

I'm going to go play with my kids, watch some football, read a book, play some Guitar Hero, cook dinner, put the kids to bed then sleep with my wife. Tomorrow - it's the Children's museum with the family, then the Packers.

It's nice having a life.

This blog is over!


Anonymous said...


I-am-tellin' you, this is going to be an historic "Life in the Dumpster" episode!

Curious, why does Ken Weiner keep saying his cartoon alter-ego is a "penis"?

Redeculous...It's a WEINER, Weiner!


Gizmo said...

NICE Blog :)